• Craig Walker

March 25 : "Lockdown" Many of you will now be in a "Lockdown" or "Shelter in Place".

Many of your staff are working remotely. Do you remember "Situational Leadership"?

The concept is that when my job changes significantly I increase my need for leadership. If you have employees new to working remotely they need your attention at a higher level than last month. Call more often, listen more carefully, make sure they have clear goals and deliverables so they don't feel lost.

You may also have more junior operators working . Don't let them fail. Set up remote coaching.

Use Zoom or equivalent to include groups in on-line meetings. It works. (symphony Orchestra)

Updates as of today

March 25

· Coronavirus creates uncertainty about pulp market development in mid-March

· UK paper and board industry still operational

· Market pulp: Flush with woodfiber, Paper Excellence’s Crofton NBSK mill returns to full production

· Leadership in this crisis

· Nanaimo mill working full-speed to make pulp for medical masks, gowns

· How pulp and paper mills are keeping workers safe during COVID-19


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