Making Forest Products in a Covid-19 World

Covid-19: Everyone is talking about the disease caused by the new corona virus.

Why will it impact Pulp and Paper?

The pulp and paper industry is right in the center of this world pandemic. Even before shortages of food surfaced, bath tissue shelves were empty! This high demand should be great for the tissue industry. But the tissue market is out of balance: too little inventory and shelf space for home tissue, and almost no demand for large commercial rolls. Multiple facets of our industry contribute to this product: tissue paper mills, and the pulp mills which make the bleached pulp used in tissue. Both need to be prepared to keep operating in various levels of government-induced quarantine.

A second facet of our industry affected by this pandemic is packaging. As soon as people started “social isolation,” Amazon was overwhelmed with orders for home delivery of goods - all shipped in packaging. This crucial but often overlooked product is made in corrugated box plants supplied by board and packaging papermills. The raw material comes from virgin unbleached kraft mills and recycle operations. Chemicals and energy are essential also. To create packaging, every step in this process needs to stay operational and interconnected, with timely supply chain deliveries.

Third, and most important, are the first aid products on the front lines of this pandemic. Hospital gowns, masks, and countless other medical products all use paper raw materials. If any step in the supply chain of these products gets shut down because of an infected employee or poor planning, there may be significant consequences for hospitals and patients.

Do you have a plan for continuing operations?

Have you thought about back-up staffing?

If you close for any length of time, could you lose highly experienced and valuable employees?

Beginning tomorrow, we will give a commented list of background material and data that leaders in the pulp and paper industry need to be aware of. Click here to sign up for our blog so you don't miss any crucial updates.

If your plant needs specific coaching or assistance creating an emergency plan, contact us! We have years of experience as a trusted resource for safety, performance, and profitability for Sawmills, Pulp Mills, and Papermills. Newberg Turbo Consulting Group is ready to help you keep your plant running, and thriving, in a Covid-19 world.

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