Covid-19 can't be ignored. Is Your Plant ready?

  • Does your corporation have an official Covid-19 response policy

  • Does your division/plant have a more specific plan?

  • Do you employees understand and buy into your plan?

  • Is your union on board? Does it present contract language challenges?

  • Have your staff already changed their work processes?

  • Does your work plan comply with OHSA guidelines (in USA), OH&S (Canada), Ontario (Canada), HSE (UK), Worksafe (NZ)? Keep in mind that these government guidelines are not generally specific enough to set up your plant to survive and thrive during this pandemic.

Plant-Level Plans

It is likely that all parts of your plant's daily operation need to change once you're at full Covid-19 level. From worker spacing on the machine floor, to maintenance crew overlap, to lunchroom staggering. When your local community is in "Shelter at Home" or 'Lockdown," it's too late to start making these plans.

  • Staff

  • Operations

  • Maintenance

  • Product Logistics

  • Raw materials

Newberg Turbo is talking to mills daily and comparing plans from widely different countries and industries. We are ready to contribute to your in-house or corporate task forces quickly.

News Updates

March 24 Updates

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FPAC calls on feds to recognize forestry as essential sector in Canada

Pulp and paper companies deemed essential amid Ontario-mandated closures

How business leaders can help to slow the spread of COVID-19

UK experts fear collapse of recovered fibre collection volumes

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